HYBRID, easy to understand.

Different elements fitted to coexist, with complementary, balancing,harmonizing characteristics.
Sun, water, for a sea of energy, heat, warmth, around you, surrounding you, with a nEwROOF. To protect you and to give you the energy to create something new, every day, throughout time. Where? In your own nest, your own home.
The hybrid comes home with nEwROOF. Over your home. nEwROOF: Hybrid goes home.Yours.

(nEwROOF International patent EUROPE-US)


nEwROOF Hybrid is installed instead of traditional tiles with the same installation technique and without modifying and altering the structure of your roof, while keeping the visual impact at a minimum and the respect for architectural design at a maximum. The connecting material for the tiles is an aluminum cover painted and laminated in ductile and eco-compatible alu.

The connecting material for the tiles in resin painted with the same geometric pattern of the tiles, different or specific for the various types of tiles. Different colors are available for all the tiles in concrete and clay.

PRODUCT solutions

nEwROOF Hybrid thermal+PV is available also in an exclusively thermal or PV version.

General building and structural characteristics:
Polyester powder coated aluminium frame (1mm) with tile function and low environmental impact nanotechnologic pretreatment. Photovoltaic laminate with black or brown glass and backsheet , 5" monocrystalline cells.
Aluminium heat sink or aluminium absorber with selective coating, laser welded to a 10mm copper pipe.
Quick clutch collectors for the hydraulic circuit and MCT4 connectors for the photovoltaic circuit with 0,5 mt cable.


Photovoltaic laminate with 4mm glass, black or brown backsheet
Thermal insulation with 10mm thick NANOtech material
70 wp photovoltaic cell + 10% performance, thanks to thermoregulation
Thermal: 0,2 Kwr – 0,4 Kwt
Quick clutch brass collectors with special VITON gaskets
5" monocrystalline cells
0,5 mt MCT4 connectors
Aluminium absorber with selective coating
Laser welded to a 10 mm copper pipe
Solar captation surface: 0,50 m2
Occupied surface: from 0,60 m2 to 0,74 m2
Dimensions: 0,5 X 2,00 x 0,28 mt (overlap: 100-170 mm)
stagnation temperature: 200°C.


May 10, 2012

We cordially invite you to watch the television appearance of ENZO CODURI on the show GEO GEO RAI 3, broadcasted on April 2, 2012. http://www.rai.tv/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/ContentItem-3403f6c1-abc6-4c32-8b08-7ef3a619d5ae.html

We will be happy to provide additional information at info@newroof-hybrid.com

May 1, 2012
nEwROOF will be at SOLAREXPO exposition in Verona May 9-11, 2012 pad 1 stand B5.1

We would like to invite you to the SOLAREXPO exposition, at our promotional space, pad 1 stand n B5.1. on May 10, 2012, at 15:00, to meet Enzo Coduri, head of R&D nEwROOF. He will display the nEwROOF HYBRID, (international EUROPE-US patent) the new hybrid solar tile. Mr Coduri will be available for media appearances and interviews.


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